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"Mayfair Lady never fails to grip the audience, when performing in our venues"

- Klaus de Macedo, Music Curator, Ignite Group

"She is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Fabio d'Andrea, Award-Winning Director / Classical Pianist

Grace aka Mayfair Lady is an Italian-American singer, composer and MA in Songwriting, who resides in London. From a young age, music has been her interest, growing from a hobby to a passion, a subject of studies and eventually maturing into a career. 

From exclusive member clubs of Mayfair to open-sky bars of Havana, her music is known and highly regarded, for its originality and unique offering. Mayfair Lady's lyrics draw inspiration from her walks of life and tell captivating stories of love and betrayal, work and play, among other joys and struggles of a girl, living in a big city. 

Being a talented composer, she not only writes her lyrics but also the accompaniment, giving the two a special bond. Self-admittedly, the creative process usually happens in unison, while her strong vocals give her creations life and leave the audience with a plethora of strong emotions.


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